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We are developing MVP, the personal development platform with global experts, personalized content and AI chatbot. Our AI-powered personalization delivers real-time feedback from global experts, closes gaps overlooked by competitors, and fosters partnerships for community growth. Our target are entrepreneurs, young people and professionals.

​Tailored strategies,  personalized content, and progress tracking, all in one powerful platform

Our Value Proposition #growthpublicspeaking

Mi.Coach's goal-setting framework harnessesAI to tailor your public speaking journey, ensuring you remain driven and efficiently productive.

Each week, Mi.Coach offers
AI-customized strategies
, enhancing your public speaking progress. Explore our digital mindset journal, cultivating confidence, awareness, and gratitude aligned with your goals.

Experience LIVE sessions and on-the-go guidance from the best in public speaking at Mi.Coach! With our AI-driven platform, you'll receive tailored weekly content, ensuring consistent growth, engagement, and mastery in your oratory journey.

At Mi.Coach, our AI-enhanced life assessments and habit trackers are tailored to your public speaking aspirations. Monitor your development, chart your journey's milestones, and engage in friendly comparisons with peers, amplifying your growth and motivation.

Whether you're crafting a presentation at 3 AM or looking for spontaneous speech tips before an unexpected pitch, our chatbot is available 24/7 to guide you. In a world powered by communication, your voice is the key. Introducing Mi.Coach – your AI-assisted public speaking coach tailored to harness and amplify your oratory potential. 🎙️

Unveiling the "Chatbot Ask" feature for Mi.Coach: an AI-driven assistant designed to navigate the complexities of public speaking. Whether it's a late-night presentation preparation or impromptu speech guidance, our chatbot is ready 24/7, offering tailored advice, from voice modulation to body language, based on your unique profile and needs. Dive deeper than FAQs and empower your oratory journey with real-time, personalized insights. 🤖🎤

Beyond an app, Mi.Coach is your pocket-sized mentor, assisting you anytime, anywhere. Enhance your communication with our myriad features – from digital notecards to AI-driven feedback, interview prompts, and even vocal warm-ups. Master the art of speech in mere minutes a day, ensuring you're always presentation-ready.

Our Story

In 2002, a vision was born. Dr. Agustín Rosa, armed with his expertise from doing conferences in Spain, embarked on a mission to eradicate the fear of public speaking. His Ph.D. in Social Communication and his book "Public Speaking" became the cornerstone for Mi.Coach. Fast forward to today, and over 35,000 individuals from 21 countries have been empowered through our training and conferences.

But we didn't stop there. Recognizing the power of technology, Mi.Coach is pioneering once again. Our latest venture? A cutting-edge platform designed to nurture public speaking skills in multiple languages. At its heart is the brilliance of AI, ensuring every learner receives a personalized experience tailored to their unique needs.

Join us in this global revolution and let your voice be heard, fearlessly and confidently.

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Dive into Mi.Coach today and let AI-personalized guidance transform your voice, confidence, and impact. 

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