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Boost Your Brand: Digital and Growth Hacking Marketing Strategies for Entrepreneurs

Master digital success in 1 day! Boost your digital brand with Dr.Agustín Rosa's proven growth marketing strategies 🚀

📅 Date: 15th February 2024

Are you launching a digital business, feeling overwhelmed, and eager to make it thrive?

Do you have numerous aspirations for your brand but feel stuck without progress?

Have you experienced the anguish of watching your peers achieve their dreams while you're left wondering if your potential will ever be realized?

We have helped more than 30,000 people in 21 countries

📅 Date: 15th February 2024

"Did you know that 65% of people fail to achieve their New Year's resolutions due to unrealistic goals and a lack of strategy?
Source: Harvard Business School​

"My mission is to inspire entrepreneurs and business leaders to achieve excellence through innovation and effective communication, shaping the next generation of visionary leaders.

I believe in empowering individuals with the skills and mindset needed to transform challenges into opportunities for sustainable growth.

I am committed to forging a future where every entrepreneur and executive has the tools to scale their companies ethically and sustainably, positively impacting the global economy."

In this transformative masterclass, we'll focus on four key pillars that will empower you to maximize your potential.



First, You'll gain valuable marketing insights into proven strategies to achieve goals efficiently, combining a clear vision with a practical approach



Second, We'll guide you on avoiding the frustration of unmet objectives, teaching you the art of cultivating a triumphant mindset both personally and professionally.



Third, you'll learn to establish a strategic plan for your brand and digital business with weekly actionable results , ensuring alignment with your goals.



Finally, we'll help you eliminate stress and enhance your confidence by aligning your daily actions with the purpose of your life, creating a vision of what you truly desire and why.

About Dr. Agustín Rosa

  • "Husband and entrepreneur dad. Happily married with two wonderful children.

  • Passionate about technology, personal growth, and entrepreneurship.

  • Ph.D. in Social Communication from the Complutense University of Madrid with 'Outstanding Cum Laude' distinction.

  • Author of 4 internationally published books: "Speaking Well in Public," "Triumphant Mindset," "Money Game," and "Eternal Legacy."

  • CEO of Mi Coach and President of the International Club of Public Speaking and Motivation.

  • Host of the "100xPreneur" Podcast. Member of the Accelerator program of Entrepreneurs' Organization and the NVIDIA Inception Program for Startups.

  • Since 2016, Professor at the Tecnológico de Monterrey (university ranked #1 in Latin America and the Caribbean Rankings according to QS). Inspiring Teacher Award in 2017."

We have worked with companies of recognized prestige at an international level

📅 Date: 15th February 2024

Key Takeaways:

✨ Embrace a journey of personal branding and professional digital transformation in 2024.

✨ Learn proven growth hacking strategies to achieve goals quickly and efficiently.

✨ Develop a triumphant digital mindset to overcome personal and professional obstacles as digital entrepreneur.


Lifetime Membership to the Masterclass in English and digital materials in English and Spanish

Learning from the best on my field

📅 Date: 15th February 2024



We have a special opportunity for 10 participants.

Dr. Agustín Rosa will personally select 10 individuals for an exclusive interview on his renowned podcast , where he has previously interviewed top-notch guests such as

Mike Michalowicz, Bill Gallagher, Akbar Sheikh, and more.


Digital Certificate + Mention on LinkedIn from Dr. Agustín Rosa

You will receive an exclusive certificate of completion But that's not all! Dr. Agustín Rosa will also personally mention each participant from his esteemed LinkedIn profile, recognizing your dedication and participation in this transformative experience.


Since 2013, we have developed social programs where we assist individuals in exclusion zones, single mothers with minor children in communities, and young entrepreneurs in developing their skills, acquiring new competencies, and providing opportunities in the job market. In 2023, we have impacted over 2,500 individuals in three countries with the help of 127 volunteers.

Create a Lasting Change in Any Area of Your Life in a Unique Digital Program From the Comfort of Wherever You Want to Be.

Closing message....

Now is the time to turn your dreams into reality and your goals into tangible achievements in yur Digital Business and Personal Brand. By joining our Growth Hacking Masterclass, you're not just taking a step towards success in 2024; you're embarking on a digital journey toward the best version of yourself to find your perfect audience and sell your digital products and services.

This is your chance to share your marketing insights, experiences, and success stories with a targeted audience. Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to elevate your personal brand and network with industry leaders.

🎤🌟 Take action today and be part of a transformative experience. Join us and experience the magic of turning your visions into concrete realities.

What is included in this Live Masterclass

Access to join the live Growth Hacking Masterclass with Dr. Agustín Rosa

Lifetime access to the recording of the event and digital materials

Q&A with Dr. Agustín Rosa

The best from 21 years doing training and teaching on the field of marketing and entrepreneurship, in 1 full day: 9 to 5 (CT Time)

Learn the digital skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur

Exclusive certificate of completion with blockchain validation

Win a Podcast Interview to brand your business

Sólo quiero apoyar la causa

  • Empezamos el Lunes 8 de Enero de 2024 y terminamos el Viernes 20 de Diciembre.

  • Acceso a un Workshop de tu elección. 1 taller online por Zoom en una de las tres áreas: Crecimiento Personal, Hablar en público y Growth Hacking

  • Soporte a comunidades en riesgo de Exclusión Social

Sólo quiero aprender

  • Empezamos el Lunes 8 de Enero de 2024 y terminamos el Viernes 20 de Diciembre.

  • Acceso a un Workshop Mensual durante 2024 (12 talleres online por Zoom en 3 áreas: Crecimiento Personal, Hablar en público y Growth Hacking)

  • Acceso a Grabaciones de los cursos

    y acceso a los materiales 24/7

  • Certificado de finalización de los cursos

  • Soporte a comunidades en riesgo de Exclusión Social

Estoy Comprometido conmigo

  • Empezamos el Lunes 8 de Enero de 2024 y terminamos el Viernes 20 de Diciembre.

  • 1 Año de MEMBRESÍA para una Transformación Integral, cada mes un nuevo curso de capacitación

  • Acceso a las Grabaciones y acceso a los materiales 24/7

  • Participación en Challenge Semanal de 2 horas

  • Accountability Group Mensual durante 2024

  • Lunes de Momentum con nuevos tips, estrategias y recursos semanales

  • 15 minutos de Entrevista en Podcast para dar a conocer tu negocio

  • Acceso a curso "Cómo Hablar Bien En Público"

  • 7 participantes serán speakers en el Growth Annual Summit dando visibilidad a su marca

  • Benchmarking de 5 canales de Youtube

  • Certificado de Diplomado Ejecutivo

  • Soporte a comunidades en riesgo de Exclusión Social

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